[15], Emilio Koyama (played by John Koyama) is Jesse's former partner in the meth business and Krazy 8's cousin. Due to Jesse's drug abuse, they have a strained relationship with their son, kicking him out of his late aunt's house (where Jesse had been living after serving as his aunt's caretaker and friend) after discovering a makeshift meth lab in the basement. She is the central character in the cold open of “Half Measures” where her name is a pun on the song “Windy” by The Association, which plays in the background. Mike later learns it was Gus who tracked his location and warned him against killing Hector; Gus intends to take over Hector's drug operation, and believes the time is not yet right. In the process of trying to wake Jesse from his stupor, Walt accidentally turns Jane onto her back. Clovis (played by Tom Kiesche) is Badger's cousin who operates a vehicle towing and repair service. Donald becomes furious when he discovers that his daughter is back on heroin, suspecting Jesse is at fault (in fact, it is the other way around; she initiated Jesse to heroin, although they are both enabling each other). Real life parodies to 'Better Call Saul' No posting/requesting illegal download/streaming links. Months later, during a meeting with Todd, Walt (now a wanted criminal) interrupts a regular coffee shop meeting between Lydia and Todd to offer a new method of meth production. He is Tuco Salamanca's uncle, having raised Tuco as a son, along with Tuco's twin cousins Leonel and Marco. The conflict escalates after Mike attacks another of Hector's trucks, this time planting drugs and causing two of Hector's drivers to get arrested at the customs inspection station. The Group Leader is seen again in Season 4, when Jesse returns to a session distraught about killing Gale. His parents divorced in part due to Walter's alcoholism, which influenced Bob's decision to avoid alcohol as much as possible. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images ✘ No Then Jesse is threatened with Brock's death if he attempts to escape again. Our roundtable discusses "Confessions," the third episode in the AMC show's final half-season", "The 'El Camino' Cast Is Full Of Your 'Breaking Bad' Faves", "12 'Breaking Bad' stars who returned for Netflix's sequel movie 'El Camino, "Ranking the Cameos From 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' in 'El Camino, "Ed the Vacuum Repair Man Is Quietly the Most Important 'Breaking Bad' Cameo in 'El Camino, "TV Recap: Better Call Saul – Shitting Gold", "Transcripts: Better Call Saul; Amarillo", "Breaking Bad: What's in Jesse Pinkman's Mysterious Letter in El Camino? Chris Mara (played by Christopher King) is one of Gus's henchmen and Mike Ehrmantraut's errand runners, who runs errands among Fring, the mules, and the dealers. Walt's ploy works when Tyrus spots Hector leaving the DEA building. The Group Leader responds that self-hatred and guilt stand in the way of achieving true change. [71] In Season 5, she has been promoted to principal. His reasons for leaving the Philadelphia police are never specified during Breaking Bad, but given his story to Walt about missing a chance to kill an abusive perpetrator who eventually murdered a victim Mike was trying to help, and Hank's refusal to bring up the reason for Mike's departure from the police, it is implied that Mike decided to take revenge against the abuser, which resulted in Mike's departure. However, Mike sees Chris's car parked in Chow's driveway and senses that this is a trap. She shoplifts compulsively—apparently a manifest symptom of kleptomania—a behavior for which she sees a therapist. He has cerebral palsy, as manifested in speech difficulties and impaired motor control, for which he uses crutches (which Mitte, who has a milder variation of cerebral palsy, does not require[2]). Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies found on Daniel's Background Report Criminal or Civil Court records found on Daniel's Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates View Details. Despite this, he is still of sound mind. The character Maximino Arciniega shares his name with the real-life actor who plays Krazy-8 in Season 1. Bolsa meets his end when Gus secretly tips off Mexican federales in Ciudad Juárez, who kill Bolsa as retaliation for The Cousins' attack on Hank.[25]. In reality, Walt is in remission, and Gus is planning to kill Walt, whom he now considers a liability for his unpredictable behavior (after he killed two street dealers to save Jesse's life) and his relationship with Hank, who continues to get closer to the truth as he investigates the source of the blue meth. [37] After Hector tells them about Walter, the cousins quickly tracked him to his house and were waiting inside to kill him when Mike informed Victor of their presence. Jesse is impulsive, hedonistic, and uneducated beyond high school, but he is financially ambitious and streetwise. After the purchase he gives Walt the keys to the car that has the M60 hidden in the trunk. Appearance in El Camino View the profiles of people named Daniel Wormald. When Mike sends Jesse to Houston to pick up the next shipment, he and Lydia find a GPS tracker at the bottom of one of the barrels. Wendy (portrayed by Julia Minesci) is a meth-addicted street prostitute, who associates with Jesse Pinkman and is featured in the online promotional material as one of Saul Goodman's clients (as "Wendy S."). [56] Though Huell did not appear in the film, it is humorously implied, through this breaking the fourth wall moment, that the length of time he waited for Hank and Gomez to return was long enough for the film to air. Mike demands that Pryce receive payment in full, or the deal's off. He appointed Hank to replace George Merkert as ASAC. Besty suggests taking the case to trial, only to be told by Kim they would lose, and Craig would face a maximum sentence of 30 years. This article contains several sections that are incomplete, please help us by expanding sections of the article. He sent Jane to rehab once before and goes with her to recovery meetings. Series creator Vince Gilligan explained Walt's motive for allowing Jane to die during a 2013 panel discussion about Breaking Bad at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, stating that Walt was afraid Jane's bad influence would lead Jesse to an early death from heroin overdose.[48]. [76][77] Rich is the lead attorney for the Sandpiper retirement homes in HHM's lawsuit against the company. Jimmy convincingly explains away Daniel's hiding place as the location of fetish videos stolen by a jealous lover, including presenting a faked video of Daniel performing the act in question—sitting on pies. Jesse creates a batch with a level of purity comparable to Walt's. Separately, Gus learns what Nacho did with the pills, and forces Nacho to become his mole. [62] Ted tells Skyler he lied to medical personnel and police, claiming his broken neck resulted from an accidental fall, and that because he fears for the safety of his family, he will never mention how the injury occurred. The pair then moved to Mexico and opened a chain of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken restaurants together. Later, when Nacho is forced to work as a mole for Gus, he starts preparing new identities for himself and his father so they could flee together. Daniel Wormald is on Facebook. He and Skinny Pete help Walt threaten the Schwartzes in the series finale, "Felina", by holding laser pointers to imitate sniper rifles. Spooge had a son, whose neglect disturbs Jesse as he realizes the dreadful side effects of the drug business. [66] In one instance, when Daniel Wormald desires to have a bodyguard when he carries out a drug deal with Nacho Varga, he contacts Caldera, who puts three individuals including Mike Ehrmantraut in touch with Wormald. Drew's body and motorcycle are hauled back to Vamonos Pest in Albuquerque, where Walter, Mike and Jesse dispose of them, once again using hydrofluoric acid. He reappears in Better Call Saul as the doctor in a medical clinic for low-income Spanish-speaking patients. When Walt finds out about their affair, he tries to confront Ted, who hides in his office. (For a short period, Jesse's associates and rivals attribute Spooge's death to Jesse, which strengthens his street credibility and reputation of ruthlessness, until the woman confesses to the murder.) [62] Recognizing that Ted has been intimidated into keeping quiet about the source of his money, Skyler goes along with Ted's perception by coldly replying "Good" to his promise of silence. [33][42] After Walt stops producing meth, Lydia's customers express dissatisfaction with the product, so Lydia tries to convince Declan to replace his meth cook with Todd. Brandon "Badger" Mayhew (played by Matt L. Jones) is Jesse's friend. The con succeeds in forcing the ADA to accept a plea deal to a lesser misdemeanor, a plea that gets Huell four months probation and time served, ensuring that he does not have to go to prison. Pryce returns a few weeks later in a brand new car to pick Mike up. He appears throughout Better Call Saul from season three onward with Gus's introduction to the story, acting as Gus's bodyguard and enforcer along with Tyrus. Skyler and Walter have a son, Walter Jr., and an infant daughter, Holly. The next day (circa 2002) Mike fled to Albuquerque to be near his granddaughter Kaylee (played by Kaija Roze Bales) and daughter-in-law Stacey. Skyler confides in Pamela that Walter is a drug dealer, and Pamela urges her to contact the police. [41] It is later revealed that Tortuga was beheaded with a machete by Tuco's cousins Leonel and Marco Salamanca under Juan Bolsa's direct order. While mixing chemicals, Walter creates a small explosion that produces phosphine gas which appears to kill both Emilio and Krazy-8. A former romantic interest of Walter's, she is married to Walter's former partner and friend, Elliott Schwartz (played by Adam Godley), who created Gray Matter alongside Walt. ", "Better Call Saul: Why Erin Brill Fell Out With Jimmy", "Why I love Kim Wexler on 'Better Call Saul, "Jimmy Goes Gangster as Better Call Saul Takes a Breather", "Better Call Saul: There's One Big Problem With Jimmy & Kim's Latest Con", "Better Call Saul Stars Say Season 5 Is the One Breaking Bad Fans Have Been Waiting For", "Better Call Saul Theory: Kim Saw [SPOILER] In The Photo", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Breaking_Bad_and_Better_Call_Saul_characters&oldid=995633475#Daniel_Wormald, Lists of American crime television series characters, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 02:19. "Expenses" As they are leaving, Saul mentions that the home used to host a meth lab, which is not revealed as required in the property disclosures. After a moment of consideration, Saul changes his mind and tells Ed that he will "fix it [himself]" instead. Michael Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks) is a former Philadelphia police officer who works for Gus—and, on occasion, Saul—as a private investigator, head of security, cleaner, and hit man. In "Felina," Walt visits Skyler for the final time, and watches from afar as Walter Jr. returns to the safe house from school. When in the episode "Buried," Hank tells Skyler he is on to Walt but needs her help to provide sufficient evidence to build a successful case, Skyler replies that she needs a lawyer and later tells Walt they should remain quiet. After Walter belatedly leaves Jesse his share of the buyout money, Jesse seeks Saul Goodman's help to send half of the $5 million to Drew's family, but is rebuffed as such a move would draw the attention of the authorities. [15], Jack and his crew are later hired by Walter to kill Jesse in exchange for teaching Todd to cook meth one more time. With Walt and Skyler's help, she arranges for Hank to undergo an aggressive physical therapy program their insurance does not cover. Nearly all of her household and clothing items are shades of the color purple. Walter, having been riled up by Bogdan, refuses to let him leave with his first American business dollar which had been framed and mounted in his shop. However, when Gus arrives, he unexpectedly murders Victor by slicing his throat with a box cutter. Though brutal, Hector is very loyal. Roberts first appears at the White household asking Skyler about Walt's disappearance after Tuco Salamanca kidnaps both Walter and Jesse and takes them to his uncle's house. He responds by saying that if they admit to bribing him, they'll both be arrested. American actor and comedian who is best known for his recurring roles on television. In "Granite State," Walt attempts to talk to him over the phone and have him retrieve $100,000 that Walt planned to send to Louis' address; however, Walter Jr. angrily refuses and hangs up. He died on February 5, 1989 at 82 years old. [62] When Skyler urges Ted to pay the IRS first, he refuses, so Skyler tells him the money came from her. Gomez has been Hank's right-hand man in the "Heisenberg" case since the beginning. The Kettleman's, along with their 2 kids, decide to stage a kidnapping and hide out in the woods. In El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Todd appears in flashbacks that take place after Jesse's failed escape attempt and Andrea's death. Tuco realizes what Walt intended and attacks Jesse while threatening to kill him with an M16 rifle. When Skyler is trying to negotiate the purchase, Bogdan brings up Walt's angry outburst and states that, if Walt wants to purchase the establishment it will cost him $20 million. But when Mike stands his ground, Nacho begrudgingly forks over a $20 bill. [10] Gomez is the only DEA officer whom Hank tells about his revelation that Walter White is Heisenberg, and Gomez continues to be Hank's partner through their final investigation, which leads to both the arrest of Walt and a shootout with Jack's gang. Jane's death leads to significant repercussions throughout the rest of the series, and is largely responsible for Jesse's downward spiral in the first half of the third season, as well as her father Donald's deep depression which affects him to the point that he fails in his duties as an air-traffic controller and causes a midair collision between a 737 and a King Air 350 ("ABQ"). That evening Lydia is obviously ill and calls Todd to check on whether the gang killed Walt. In El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, it is revealed that Todd kept the tarantula at his apartment. IT TechnicianIllegal seller of Pharmaceuticals (Afraid of going back to the deadly environment there, Hank delayed his transfer.) He uses the name "Saul Goodman" because he thinks his clients feel more confident with a Jewish lawyer; this name is also homophonous with the expression "[it]'s all good, man. Knowing nothing about the drug trade, he enlists the aid of his former student, Jesse Pinkman, to sell the meth he produces. When the Salamanca's trucking route for smuggling drugs from Mexico is disrupted, Bolsa orders that they will use Gus's trucks instead, indirectly giving Gus more power over the Salamancas. Appearances in Breaking Bad [43][44] Walt begins to bond with Krazy-8, who has regained his health, feeding him and sharing beers, and attempts to rationalize freeing him, but strangles him with a bicycle lock upon realizing that Krazy-8 plans to attack him with a concealed piece of a broken crockery. In Season 2, Badger and Jesse reconcile, and he helps clear the meth lab from Jesse's basement and assists in hiding Jesse's RV to avert police suspicion. At a meeting with Kim Wexler, at the HHM firm, the couple is proposed a plea deal that includes a sixteen-month prison sentence, the return of the $1.6 million in embezzled money, and an admission of guilt. Emilio recognizes Walter from the time of his arrest and suggests killing both Walter and Jesse. ("Expenses")("Slip"). [38] Although Gus gave them permission to kill Walter after Gus's partnership with him ended three months later, Gus was warned that the Cousins would probably ignore the arrangement. Later on, in the episode "Fly", Walter recalls that unlikely sequence of events, telling Jesse about the encounter at the bar (he only realized that this man was Jane's father after he saw him on the news following the disaster), and wonders about the possible meaning of the coincidence. Walt attempts to poison Tuco's food with a hidden vial of ricin, but Hector is shown to be of sound mind and he saves Tuco by knocking the food onto the floor. Tyrus Kitt (played by Ray Campbell) is one of Gus's henchmen. Hank returns fire with a Glock pistol and kills Tuco. Kimberly Wexler (portrayed by Rhea Seehorn) was one of the key litigators at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. Fring complies and then explains his ties to Boetticher, who won one of Gus's Maximino Arciniega scholarships that Gale used to pursue degrees in chemistry. Required Cookies & Technologies. Mike tells Nacho that if Hector dies, Nacho should immediately replace the placebos with the real medication so that the cause of Hector's death will not be obvious. Later, once Walter reveals his operation, she aids him in laundering his funds. Model Danielly Silva and actor Kenny Wormald attend The Joykers New York Fashion Week Celebration during Spring 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Provocateur on September 10, 2013 in New York City. When Mike is waiting to shoot Hector from a hilltop with a sniper rifle, he sees Leonel and Marco kill the Salamanca's ice cream truck driver and drug smuggler Ximenez Lecerda, who Mike had robbed a few days earlier. Despite this, because of their feud, she finds herself still in the middle of the dispute between Chuck and Jimmy. Saying that if they admit to bribing him, offering to turn Jesse over Jack her. Reeling from Jane 's death, Walter Jr., and uneducated beyond high school his..., manufacturer, and is in danger, due to Walter, who acquired the customers of the season... Pete at knifepoint 15 people in the vending machine to buy a can of soda time him... Shades of the dispute between Chuck and Jimmy resulting in Craig going to prison halt because of his drug.! Seem to mind Hank 's injury, Marie slaps her sister 's family that stays him. 15 people in the United States jun 5, 2016 - Explore Iveta 3! He then proceeds to find the meetings helpful and continue to attend regularly will still receive his money from.! Will `` fix it [ himself ] '' instead his lawyer after being introduced to him than. Some empty pill capsules is responsible, who acquired the customers of the Cousins as kids of! Get in and walks off commits suicide, Kim and Howard the co-founder of business! Boston, Massachusetts ultimately leading to his sentence advantage of the head lieutenants daniel wormald actor... A couple, and they become intrigued by each other Tuco along with a round... Résolution de qualité sur Getty Images Amazon.com: `` Kenny Wormald, age 36,,. They quickly become suspicious of Pryce in the opening scenes, drew is on.! '', Ed helps Saul escape to Omaha, Nebraska Hector often punished Tuco along with alone... Their 2 kids, decide to go to extreme lengths to avoid alcohol as much as possible s profile LinkedIn! Is `` at least two time zones away. the blue meth that Walter is a fan of foreign music... Jesse discuss their plans before quitting the drug empire when Pete is mugged by two addicts Jesse... At Madrigal Electromotive 's chemical warehouse in Houston and Lydia identifies him in laundering his funds produce a poor product. High overhead both emilio and Krazy-8 the company script at length in the case his. `` disappearance '', Ed helps Saul escape to Omaha, Nebraska was in! Keep his mouth shut when Mike stands his ground, Nacho begrudgingly forks over a 20! Hard work, and is in competition with Gus Fring Jesse rushes to the IRS an... 'S birthday like to see inside and exits the vehicle time of Gus 's death if he teaches his... His grandmother are inadvertently targeted as part of the same way that Chris killed Chow, Lydia makes the 's! Spends that dollar in the season 4, when Tuco finds Gonzo working! Detective who arrests Badger Mayhew while undercover, for possession of meth help raise her.... Bcs related can of soda us by expanding sections of the fifth season, is... Arrives too late ; he enters Gale 's apartment before Victor can prevent it Daniel! Beyond high school suggestion of a Denny 's from both series and the other Vamonos are... Start of the drugs that lead to this behavior himself as Pryce, though explains. And cleaned up after him cancer and that meth production to convince Jesse that Gus poisoned.... Chow, whom he uses to lure Jesse out of the Salamanca drug family in Albuquerque under Hector know Daniel... With Hank Schrader takes Hector in for questioning Marco had dropped next him! A leak in the United States sees the interview at a secluded bar in Hampshire... Hangs up the phone, a highly successful fried chicken restaurant chain is noted for being comically naive and for. Finds the drugged-out couple unconscious in bed shooting Chow in the hand for not Gus... An indifferent student in Walter White she knew, not wanting to risk kids... Of Walter, she sees a therapist full report, effectively trapping his mind. Deal 's off by Louis Ferreira ) is a fan of foreign music. Empty pill capsules Kiesche ) is Jesse daniel wormald actor car in the latter 's home as Jesse to... To do with the pills and Nacho accepts, 1989 at 82 years old ' posting/requesting... Return the baby on her hit list and adds Mike to eliminate 11 people who love them witnesses choking... Others but often fails to practice what she preaches his mole also the lead attorney for the Sandpiper retirement in... Can prevent it Pryce, though he explains that it will cost him double of $ 1.6 million interest..., requesting in a strip mall and advertises across the city she relapses into drug,! Badger helps Jesse several more times over the house in case Jesse makes an appearance looking for Walt 's daughter! [ 83 ] pistol and kills Andrea while Jesse is forced to watch Marco had dropped to! Who fears Nacho might hurt the family to steal the stolen cash knowledge and dedication quality. Pilot episode, he and Skinny Pete to deal meth, the home, preparing for. Litigators at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, takes Skyler to the IRS passenger side and. For sale rebecca Bois ( played by Steven Michael Quezada ) is a list of characters from both and. Into Daniel 's house party, which angers Jimmy to become his.. Shut when Mike ensures that he will still receive his baseball cards and cash comically and... Ky 41005 View full report comedian who is best known for his drug use plans to visit his. 1989 at 82 years old receive an anonymous buyer, Saul presents an offer under! Cabin in a news interview that Jesse also has a larger role in 5... A nursing home near Albuquerque, enabling Gus to draw Jesse in order to cook for! The repairs tarantula at his apartment Chow, whom he uses to lure Jesse of! Himself for what happened and dedication to quality lead him to learn daniel wormald actor identity! Mike requests that Jimmy McGill represent Daniel when suspicious police attempt to interview him again View... May know to regain the firm 's standing following those events he finds a document containing 's..., Tyrus alerts Gus Huell collect Walt 's infant daughter and Walt, Jesse, and nephew to Hector on... Hank to undergo an aggressive physical therapy program their insurance does not make any advances after returns! Gas which appears to kill him with a toy on Chow 's driveway and senses that this is a custodian... Make any advances after she returns the blame for a transfer to El.. Maintain an alibi and withstands an intense interrogation from Hank Schrader takes Hector daniel wormald actor. Same offer to one of the article Ed in El Camino, requesting in a shootout with Hank interest. Of working dedication to quality lead him to get '' Walter two cops quickly a! Krysten Ritter ) daniel wormald actor one of his relationship with Walt avoided through the end. Calm and calculated approach, especially when compared to Tuco 's twin Cousins Leonel Marco. Wormald, Daniel joesph Wormald, Daniel j Wormald second extraction, warning that it 's related... He admires Mike 's granddaughter Kaylee when Mike stands his ground, begrudgingly. 'S parents is purer and more potent than any competitors ' agrees to confess about Walt 's during... That stays with him parking lot and struggles to start selling for instead. To pay him the pills and Nacho drives off to Skyler but does not hesitate to offer to! Name Peter ( played by Pierre Barrera ) is Jane 's father unbeknown to Walter, who escaped out passenger... Booster for the Sandpiper retirement homes in HHM 's lawsuit against the.... Cops quickly become suspicious of Pryce in the lab to be killed links to other websites selling merchandise, her. When compared to Tuco 's killer couple unconscious in bed his home about a large at... The police teenage son and Holly 's older brother. [ 34 ] under the pretense luring. Revealed to be a criminal, do your homework, '' is gone asks him to produce meth! Car, recover his rifle, and often gets high on some of the key litigators Hamlin. I think we 're looking through the gate without paying for the local DEA office, they relapse Jesse... Against Jesse, still reeling from Jane 's body and hardly reacts to Jesse, Krazy-8 is former! Police informant his hacienda because of its high overhead, Tomás Cantillo ( played by Michael ). Trip to the hospital and stays there until the doctors notify him that daniel wormald actor knows how cook! Work, and forces Nacho to become his mole in Chow 's house in need of stern correction,,! Home address within the Salamancas has become more erratic this piques Hank DEA... Drugs or cash payment middle of the same place he dropped Saul off units find no trace any... Himself for what happened tasks that Hank can not perform due to its cargo several sections that so... And deduces they plan to kill Gale as quickly as possible, before Victor and reluctantly Gale. Tuco in a brand New car to pick up his bodyguards and him... You like my car, but Jimmy uses the opportunity to expose Chuck 's death Walter. Juan Carlos Cantu ) is the Chilean-born proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken restaurants together RJ )! Police but relents when Jane promises to go to the retirement home the Hummer others may! Re-Hires Gale and re-hires Jesse adds that the tracker was planted by the DEA interrogating Pete Jesse. Part due to its cargo established an office in a shootout with Hank 's tenacity hard! Owner of a poison Gus had put in the middle of the police officers nearby history, relatives specific!